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Bad Axe CAT 3 Clean

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CAT 3 Clean is the newest, powerful cleaning solution from Bad Axe Restoration Products.  Bad Axe, the makers of industry leader – MMR mold stain remover, was tasked with creating a product capable of delivering the deep cleaning power necessary to produce successful outcomes following CAT 2 & 3 water events.

Super-concentrate, odorless, non-residue forming, and shelf-stable – CAT 3 Clean delivers results at an extremely low cost.  This wettable power creates a long-lasting foam that’s ideal for the removal of accumulated organic and gross load on surfaces.

Currently available in 1 gallon tubs, larger containers of CAT 3 Clean may be special ordered over the phone.

Like MMR, CAT 3 Clean improve outcomes and delivery unprecedented results for your toughest water loss jobs!